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July 8th and 15th:

see the history page for tasks



Welcome Back to Summer Term 2 and…..Geography!

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June 16th: see below but check you've done this work from the last two weeks

First enjoy the 5 short videos from BBC Bitesize   - from the link below - which are all about maps 

Some of this will be familiar from the Autumn term.

Imagine you have the task of teaching these map skills and information to next year’s Year 6.

Create a PowerPoint that will interest and educate them.

You need to use all the  terms below….

globe     countries    continents    atlas

latitude    longitude    hemispheres   Prime Meridian

time zones

compass points    scale 

symbols    contours    key

Success criteria =

Good: 5 slides with most terms used and illustrated

Very good : all terms used and illustrated

Excellent : AND includes what grid references are and how to understand them (you might remember this or will need to do your own research to remind you from the link below)

      June 16th

Below are links to help us explore maps


                     Ones from our local area

  so that we can see how Southport has changed.

Detective task

Use the close up map of the area around what would be the school in the 1840s.

Print out a copy of it.

Try to add features from today in their correct places (use the railway lines to help you). The 1880s map and Googlemaps will help too:

The school....our church....Lidl...Hampton Road and its footbridge over the railway...The Blue Anchor pub...South Garden Chinese takeaway

Some of the roads have changed their names. See if you can label where the following are -

Eastbank Street....Scarisbrick New Road...Virginia Street...Ash Street...Cemetery Road

Any of the residential streets near us that had not been built like

Arbour Street, Hargreaves Street, Hodson Street, Southbank Road,

Sefton Street, Linaker Street

Extracts from the above map of Southport from the 1840s 

The first is an overview and the second is the area around what would be come the site of the school. There is no Hampton Road yet! 

Below is a map showing how much Southport had grown by the 1880s -  just 40 years later.

The second map is a close up of the area around the school.

June 23rd and July 1st

This is your chance to create a PowerPoint or leaflet or video about somewhere you love.

It can be one of the places from the BBC Bitesize links below or somewhere you've been or somewhere you would love to go.

Show off all the basic facts and show which are the human geography features (those that people have made) and those which are physical geography features (those made by or that are part of nature).

Really make it fabulous to look at.

Tell us what you can do there.

Show us about the scenery, the wildlife, the food...

Include lots of images.