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St Philip's Makes Money! (4-7-13)

After 3 weeks of planning and learning about some of the basics of running a business, the 6 companies created by Year 4 pupils went public today! Cars were washed, cakes were made and sold and great fun was had by all. One pupil was so excited by the sight of a £10 note that he ran round telling anyone who would listen that his team had one! Many, many thanks go to the amazing Year 4 parents for all their support, you have been great and the children have got so much out of the project.

Update - With all the money counted, we are delighted to announce that the class businesses made a grand total of £118.66 ! With nearly £60 going to each of our two charities, the children have done fantastically well. Many, many thanks go to parents and friends for all the support you gave!