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This week, we celebrated National Poetry Day!

A poem we have studied in English recently:




Imagine -

an angry ant as it ambles along,

a terrified tarantula tickling a trout,

and a curious computer

calling cautiously to the King.


Imagine -

silence closing its lips

and vowing never to speak again,

the humming bird’s wings flickering,

the sea turning over the beach,

scraping the pebbles,

while the weary lorries trundle by.


Imagine -

smooth pebbles from the summer beach,

the stickiness of honey on a fingertip,

and the heat from a mug of tea,

clutched by hands as if in prayer.


Imagine -

silence trapped

in the candle flame’s dance,

a hyena’s cackle

as it paces its deserted lands,

and the Titanic’s last scream.


Imagine -

the coldness of frost

as it freckles the window pane,

the sharpness of a saw

as it crunches through wood,

and the sadness of a tear

as it trickles down the clown’s cheek.


Imagine -

the Moon’s cold gleam

and trap it in a box,

the joy of the merry-go-round

as it spins like a crazy wheel,

and the force of a rainbow

as it stuns the sky.


Look at us learning the poem: 'Imagine' by Pie Corbett.

In English, we used our inference skills to identify various moods within a text.