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Year 4

St Philip's Teachers - I'm Gonna Jump up and Down (Be Happy)

A message from all of the teachers to you at home!

Welcome to Year Four's web page.

You can find your daily learning tasks in the Homework section! Further down you can see pictures of each other that have been sent in. 

I especially like the Creative section further down and check out my cats!! As well as some of your own pets; do send us photos. animals always put a smile on our faces.

Stay safe until we see you again,

Love from Mrs Afford And Miss Byrne

Christ in Everything We Do.

The Vikings Are Coming!!

The Vikings Are Coming!! 1 Theo's Longboat
The Vikings Are Coming!! 2 Josh Has Started his Longboat
The Vikings Are Coming!! 3 Eva' Longboat Design
The Vikings Are Coming!! 4 Josh's Viking Poster
The Vikings Are Coming!! 5
The Vikings Are Coming!! 6

Creative Y4

Creative Y4 1 Leo and Saul's Ramadan lanterns
Creative Y4 2 Eva's Ramadan lantern
Creative Y4 3 Theo's Viking Longboat
Creative Y4 4 Harriet's Viking shield
Creative Y4 5 Eva's online safety poster
Creative Y4 6 Alfie preparing for VE Day
Creative Y4 7 Bertie's sound map
Creative Y4 8 Josh's Viking shield
Creative Y4 9 Josh's Viking shield
Creative Y4 10 Josh's Pokemon!
Creative Y4 11 Theo's Viking shield
Creative Y4 12 Theo making his Viking shield
Creative Y4 13 Theo making his Viking shield
Creative Y4 14 Bertie's Viking shield
Creative Y4 15 Eva's story
Creative Y4 16 Freddie out in the sunshine
Creative Y4 17 Freddie working hard
Creative Y4 18 Strike a pose!
Creative Y4 19 Harriet's comic
Creative Y4 20 Theo's rocket preparation...
Creative Y4 21 Theo's rocket flying!
Creative Y4 22 Theo celebrating!
Creative Y4 23 Josh working hard
Creative Y4 24 Josh's poster
Creative Y4 25 Eva's musical instrument
Creative Y4 26 Eva's musical instrument
Creative Y4 27 Bertie's volcano!
Creative Y4 28 Bertie's volcano!
Creative Y4 29 Bertie's volcano!
Creative Y4 30 Palm Sunday by Leo
Creative Y4 31 Good Friday by Leo
Creative Y4 32 Easter Sunday- Christ is reisen by Leo
Creative Y4 33 Bertie's amazing artwork
Creative Y4 34 Close up of this stunning orange by Bertie
Creative Y4 35 Erin's Rainbow of Hope
Creative Y4 36 Erin's Easter basket
Creative Y4 37 Erin making a theatre
Creative Y4 38 Harriet's lovely Easter card
Creative Y4 39 Beautiful Easter card from Alfie

Leo's wonderful Easter artwork

Leo's wonderful Easter artwork 1 Leo telling the Easter story in beautiful pictures

Year four working hard

Year four working hard 1 Eva proudly showing her French and Art homework
Year four working hard 2 James practising hard.
Year four working hard 3 James and Lucas working in the sunshine

Have a wonderful weekend

Have a wonderful weekend 1

Don't forget to keep practising your music Y4!

You were amazing in that concert and are going to become even better! yes

Bonjour mes amis,

It is fantastic to received photos of your amazing work. Please keep sending them.

We were going to make an Easter card in school so I thought it would be lovely if you made some at home and send me the pictures.

You can do this digitally or using any craft materials you may have.

The card we were going to make had a fluffly chick popping out of an opening egg with a cross. This was to represent the death and rise of Jesus and the new life he represents.

You could use this idea of come up with one of your own.

I have already received a lovely Easter card from Harriet - thank you so much!

And now one from Alfie too smiley please do send in photos.

Love Mrs Afford

Furry friends saying "Hello!"

Furry friends saying "Hello!" 1 Cute Christie
Furry friends saying "Hello!" 2 Starkie sitting to attention
Furry friends saying "Hello!" 3 Muggle in a box

Happy Tuesday Year Four!

I thought I'd post some photographs of my three furbabies that will hopefully bring a smile.

Keep emailing me your photos of you working at home or taking part in any craft project. 

How many of you have put rainbows in your windows? Send me photos of them please smiley

Love from Mrs Afford, Christie, Starkie and Muggle

Picture 1 James with Luna the kitten!

Eva and Aston's gorgeous pets

Eva and Aston's gorgeous pets 1 Floki bares a strong resemnlance to my Muggle
Eva and Aston's gorgeous pets 2 Handsome Bane

Hello Year Four!


I hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning.


I have a couple of lovely photographs to share with you.


Please do email them to me so I can share them with the rest of you. Any work or fun activities you have been doing.

Looking forward to receiving lots of pictures! (Year 5 have so many but we are catching them up!!) smiley smiley smiley

Love from Mrs Afford & Miss Byrne