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At St Philip’s CE Primary School, we want children to develop a love of reading.  

We have a structured approach to the teaching of reading and aim to develop confident readers who enjoy a wide range of texts.

Children share books as a class, in groups and individually. We work with children to develop their understanding of texts through whole class comprehension activities and have recently introduced 'Reading Vipers' and ‘Reading Dogs’ to focus on the key areas of comprehension.  We encourage KS2 pupils to take school library books home alongside individual reading books.


Children are supported to develop their reading skills and the level of support given depends on the needs of each child. We use published schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat and Project X which can be matched to children's phonic ability. Children are also supported by our volunteer parents, who regularly come into school. Book Banding is established in school and used once children have the phonic skills that they need to become successful readers.  

Parental support is crucial in the development of a child's reading ability and we love to read your comments in their reading diaries. 

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