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National Poetry Day - 6th October 2016

Today we're celebrating National Poetry Day in Year 4 by writing some poetry in class. We began by choosing a name and finding a rhyming word to fit into a simple poem structure as below:

Down behind the dustbins
I met a dog called Fred
I asked him what he was doing
And he said, "I'm looking for my bed".

Keep your children on the lookout for rhyming words when they're out of school!

Mrs Jellicoe has been off sick and we hope she'll be better very soon. In the meantime, Mr Bancroft has been our class teacher and we've had a great time. He has songs for everything. Ask your children to sing some of them to you. Thankyou Mr Bancroft for all your hard work. We hope we've not put you off working at St Philips again in the future!!