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The power of prayer

From whole school prayer mornings, to prayer pals, to prayer walls we have it all.  The bible tells us that we need to have an open line of communication with God and we do this in many creative ways.  We also learn to be still and quiet so that we can listen to him. 

Prayer buckets!

My idea came from a ‘bucket list’ where you put lots of ideas of things you would like to do. In a prayer bucket you write your prayer  on a piece of paper and then post it into the bucket! If  you want to these can be shared in class worship.

The prayer buckets are all around the school for everyone to use, even the teachers can put a prayer in as there is one in the staffroom!  There is also one in the entrance by the Office so that visitors and parents can put a prayer in as well.

By Phoebie Edward Y6

Our beautiful prayer wall