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Stottesdon Day 1

Well we have arrived!! After a slightly bumpy journey and a few queasy members of Year 6 (and teacher) we made it to the centre. There was a delicious pasta bake waiting for us once everybody had unpacked. The children were a little put out that after each meal one room is nominated to stay behind and clear up the dining room, wiping the tables etc. Mums and Dads you will be pleased to see your sons doing some hard labour! 

After we had eaten lunch we went for a stroll, well when I say stroll we walked for about 2 hours with a little break of storytelling in the long grass along the way. Well done to Elizabeth and Cyndi for finding a four leaf clover each. After our stroll the children went on a scavenger hunt for various things including a dead fly, and yes, someone found one. There were also some dodgy dares going on for the reward of more points so there was a face full of mud and a worm in mouth incident. 

We are all absolutely shattered now, well at least I am! The children are just taking part in an auction. Each group has £20,000 to spend on items that will be used to build a protective shield around an egg which will then be thrown from the top of the climbing tower. Will any eggs survive???!!! I have just heard a bid for £10,000 for a piece of string. The economic climate has changed for our new generation of business tycoons. 

Your postcards will be written tonight whilst the children enjoy a hot chocolate and then it's bed. Will I get a good nights sleep, that is the question...........