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Year 5

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Welcome back- we hope you all had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to an exciting year in Year 5. The children have settled in well and been helping me to settle in as well! 

Mrs Day is our fantastic Teaching Assistant who helps us every morning and the lovely Mrs Owens helps us every afternoon. 


I have sent home an Autumn 1 overview- apologies for the amendments to the Harvest date (now the 9th October 2.15 pm) and Mental maths section! Mrs Warham and I have been discussing how to keep the learning in Year 5 and 6 consistent so the children transition more easily from Year 5 to Year 6.  With this in mind I have decided to follow the Year 6 method of practising maths key skills- more details to follow! Rapid recall of times tables is key to lots of our maths work so if you could encourage your child to practice these that would be great. 


I am looking forward to getting to know the children more and meeting as many parents as possible at the parent information evening. If there are any problems please do come and chat at the end of day. 

Mrs Cooper smiley


Autumn 1 timetable  TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! 

Attached below is our current weekly plan- obviously this may change occasionally if we have special events taking place. Please note that our P.E days are Monday and Wednesdays- please ensure the children keep their P.E kit in school for the whole half term. 


Reading and spelling

All the children should by now have a reading book for home- please encourage your children to read as much as possible at home to an adult and record notes in the Reading log. 


A half term spelling overview will be sent home this week- there is also a copy attached below. We are focusing on the Year 3/4 key spellings at the moment in class. Again, a copy is attached below- the children are expected to know these spellings by Year 5. I have attached a copy of the Year 5/6 key spellings below as well- we will be focussing on reading these accurately, explaining what the words mean and using these in our writing. Home support with learning spellings is essential - please see me if there are any concerns or if you would like ideas on how to help your child practice more effectively. 


We will be uploading photos of the children to the website over the next few days and hope to use Twitter more to share photos more regulary. If you have not alreay signed up for the school Twitter account then please do as it is a fab way of sharing with you lots of our work in school! 





History work- sorting time periods - learning about chronology

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Lovely work from this maths group!

Lovely work from this maths group!  1
Lovely work from this maths group!  2
Lovely work from this maths group!  3

Place value game

Place value game  1
Place value game  2
Place value game  3
Place value game  4
Place value game  5
Place value game  6


Class worship

The children have now been put into groups to organise, plan and lead class worship. Our first group will be on Weds 27th Sep at 9.00 am. Worship will take place in our class room - please see the letter for further details. Letters have been sent home to the first group leading (Morgan's group!). If you are not sure if this is your child please ask ! 





For the first few weeks we will be looking at Place value. Please find below some resources and website which may be helpful.