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smileyWelcome to the Year 1 class page.smiley


In Year 1 we have 2 class teachers; Mrs Klaassen who works all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings and Mrs Antell who works the rest of the week. Our class TA is Mrs Wareing.

Please do make an appointment to chat to us after school.

Mrs KlaassenMrs AntellMrs Wareing

Curriculum Overview

ICT Fundraiser!

ICT Fundraiser! 1
ICT Fundraiser! 2
ICT Fundraiser! 3
ICT Fundraiser! 4
ICT Fundraiser! 5
ICT Fundraiser! 6
ICT Fundraiser! 7
ICT Fundraiser! 8
ICT Fundraiser! 9
ICT Fundraiser! 10

Dinosaur World Photos

National Poetry Day - Thursday 28th September

We listened to Edward Lear's poem, 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'. We made our own model to retell the poem.


Year 1 at I pad club

Wow! Dinosaur eggs have arrived in our room!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Macmillan Coffee Morning 1 Yummy cakes in Church for the Macmillan morning.

Counting in 5's

Mindfulness and well being

Mindfulness and well being 1 Cosmic kids showed us positive thought bubbles
Mindfulness and well being 2 Our baby dinosaur is sharing his worry!

Our trip to the post box

Our trip to the post box 1 We all posted our letters.
Our trip to the post box 2 When will we the letters be delivered?
Our trip to the post box 3 We put stamps on our letters.
Our trip to the post box 4 What time is the post collected?
Our trip to the post box 5 Can I reach?
Our trip to the post box 6 Look there's a hole for the key!
Our trip to the post box 7 I can reach.
Our trip to the post box 8 We've posted our letters,
Our trip to the post box 9 Back to school we go!

Disco time

Parliament week

Parliament week 1 We voted for a name for the frog.
Parliament week 2 We had a counter to make our choice.
Parliament week 3 Mrs Klaassen counted the votes.
Parliament week 4 Hoppy was the majority.

Finding half in maths

Finding half in maths 1
Finding half in maths 2
Finding half in maths 3
Finding half in maths 4
Finding half in maths 5
Finding half in maths 6