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Year 6 Trip to The Atkinson October 17th 2018

We had a great time! We learned about Southport in the past.

We loved the exhibition called Double Take which merges photos from the past with photos of the same locations from today.

We explored the Frank Hampson exhibition. He was a local Southport boy who when he grew up put his faith and artistic talents in to action and in doing so became world famous. He decided that a Christian comic was needed with clear moral messages mixed with action and adventure. This was The Eagle with its hero Dan Dare.

We visited The Monument - our spectacular war memorial. We had a minute’s silence to honour those who served to defend our freedoms.

See the photos below



Thank you to our fabulous History Ambassadors (and some other helpers) who acted as guides for our StPhilips100 exhibition this evening. 

It was a great evening with many parents commenting upon how articulate the ambassadors were.

See below for some photos


RAF100 and our British Values

Honouring the memory of those who served in the RAF one hundred years ago and appreciating our British values.

Year 6 chose their favourite British value and wrote it onto an outline of a plane. Rule of law is the most popular value, followed by democracy. See the photos below


Year 6 History Ambassadors visit Welcome In...see the photos below


On Wednesday 3rd October, six of us from Year 6 went to the church Welcome In.

We have been making a new remembrance wreath to share with the church and we presented it to them. We thought ahead what questions we would like to ask so that we had some idea what we would find out about.


We really enjoyed our time with people who could tell us so much.

Here are a few things that we learned...

One man showed us his father’s medals from World War One

Some of them had left school at just 14 years old

Philip only saw a banana for the first time when he was seven years old because when the war was on fruit like that couldn’t get to us from so far away

A lady had brought in a train set from the 1930s

Betty had photos on her phone of when she was a nurse in the 1950s

One man gave us a bag of jelly babies and said that with rationing that was all a whole family got for a whole month!

Peter’s family only had two candles in the entire house to use during the black outs on World War Two.

Here we are practising our debating skills in Geography...How far should we protect the rainforests?

Year 6 British Values

Year 6 have been practising their debating skills and discussing our British Values. We debated by ‘bobbing’ like MPs do in the Houses of Parliament. We discussed if it is right to give money to the homeless. We also had a report back from the Student Council meeting. See the photos below

We have chosen our first five History Ambassadors

We have chosen our first five History Ambassadors 1

P.E. Badminton

This week we learned how to use a badminton racket using the forehand and backhand grip. We practised our had to eye co-ordination by using balloons.

StPhilips100..we have begun work on our remembrance poppy cascade!

All Year 6 have been making a remembrance poppy out of the bottom of a plastic water bottle.

Eventually everyone in the school will have made one.

We are re-using drink bottles that we have used. We want our poppies to show we care for our environment!

We aim to make 300!

These will then form a moving display for the centenary of World War One.


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Visions and Values Day

We spent time learning more about the Bible, how it can guide us and how it is organised. We worked on our Bible timelines. See the photos below