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Science (Tues)

Tuesday 21st April

Complete Purple Mash activity 'Forces in Action'.

Think about activities you do everyday and draw arrows to show the direction of the force.

Tuesday 28th April

1.  Watch the video clip on friction

2.  Read the lesson PowerPoint.

3.  On your own paper or activity sheet below, think of the question for the car ramp investigation.  For example, Which material causes the most friction for the car?

3. Make a prediction.

4. Find a ramp (piece of wood, book etc) and find some different materials that you could place on the ramp.  Record this on your activity sheet or paper.

5. Next week your task will be to carry out the investigation.

Tuesday 5th May

1.  Read through the PowerPoint from last week to remind you of the investigation you planned.

2.  Find 4 materials for your toy car to travel on if you did not do this last week.

3.  Carry out your investigation, trying to be as fair as possible.

4.  Use the activity sheet to record your findings and draw a conclusion (you will have written your question and prediction on this last week,)

5.  If you are struggling to find things to carry out your investigation, click on the link below to learn more about friction.

Tuesday 12th May

1.  Watch the two video clips on magnets by clicking on the links below.

2.  Read the information on the PowerPoint below.

3.  If you have a magnet at home, investigate things that are magnetic and non magnetic.

4.  Complete the Purple Mash task that I have set. 

Tuesday 12th May - Magnets PowerPoint

Tuesday 17th May

1.  Please keep investigating with magnets at home if you have one.  Try to answer these questions -

Are all metals magnetic?

Which metals are magnetic?

Are all coins magnetic?

2.  Magnetic poles 

Read the PowerPoint below about the poles of a magnet.

Watch the BBC Bitesize video clip about the poles of a magnet and then try to complete the activity sheet below.

3.  Watch the other video clips that show you some of the uses of magnets.

4.  I have added a link to a lesson on how plants transport water.  This is something that you might find interesting if you have time!! smiley

Tuesday 2nd June

1. Our new topic is Light and shadows.  Click on the link below to watch 'Seymour Science' as an introduction to the topic.

2. Read the lesson presentation below and use the sorting cards to identify things that are light sources.

3.  Ask a grown up to place objects in a 'feely bag' (the activity sheet says use 5 different bags but you can just repeat the activity with 5 different objects being placed in the bag).  Can you guess what they are without light?  Record on the activity sheet or talk about what you can feel.

4.  Fill in the second sheet to identify what you have learned.  Choose how much of a challenge you want by choosing 1/2/3 stars.


5. There is a Purple Mash activity set to be completed.  This has another video clip for you to watch but also another way to record your learning.

Have fun!


Tuesday 9th June

Last week we looked at light sources and you were able to identify things that gave out light and things that didn't.  This week we are going to be thinking about reflective surfaces.  

What is reflection?

Which materials are the most reflective?

Some of you already thought about this last week so may already have some ideas.

1.  Read the PowerPoint below.

2.  Use a torch to test different materials.  It does suggest using a piece of white cardboard but you can just do it from observation if you would rather.  Use the activity sheet below to record what you find.

3.  Complete the 'Design and book bag sheet.' (choose 1/2 or 3 stars)

4.  There is an additional activity o n Purple Mash if you would like an extension.

Tuesday 16th June

This week we are going to be learning about the sun.  We will be thinking about the benefits and dangers of the sun. 

1.  Look at the sun safety PowerPoint below.  Is the sun good or bad? Talk to a grown up and decide whether statements about the sun are 'hero' or 'villain'.  You can even make this into an active game and use two sides of the room (one hero and the other villain) and run to the one you think it is.

2. Read the information on UV light and set up the investigation over time activity to show what happens when something is placed in UV light.

3.  Looking at the sun is VERY dangerous and can damage your eyes.  Design a pair of sunglasses or a hat to help protect eyes.  Remember you should never look at the sun even wearing sunglasses.  Think about making safe sunglasses/hat rather than ones that are just nice to look at.  You can do this on Purple Mash or on the activity sheet below.

4.  Use the activity sheet below to make a poster or leaflet to advertise your sunglasses explaining why sunglasses/hats are important and why someone should buy your design!  Choose 1, 2 or 3 stars.

5.  If you have sunglasses at home remember to check their UV rating.

Tuesday 23rd June 

Today, you are learning all about shadows!! You will investigate what material would be the best for curtains at home. If you don't have a torch at home, you can use the torch feature on a phone. 

You also have some fun activities you can do this week when it is sunny outside! Be as creative as you wan to be and explore just what happens to your shadows over a day- do they move, change size? 

Finally, test what you know about light and shadows using the quiz link. 

Tuesday 30th June 

This lesson you are exploring all about the effects of light and changing shadows. Open up the Powerpoint, watch the video and then complete your activities. 

Tuesday 30th June Lesson

Tuesday 7th July

As we are towards the end of our Light topic in Science, who is up for some fun?!! 

Ever heard of 'Escape Rooms'?? 

Use the scenario to test your knowledge on everything you have learnt in this topic for Science and see if you can 'escape' the room. 

You may want to make it even more fun by playing along with siblings or parents. See who has fantastic knowledge all about light! 

Have fun!