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 Monday 6th July- How does exercise and healthy food effect the body ?


Click the link :


As humans we need to look after our bodies by eating the right food, exercising, getting sleep and being careful with what we drink and put into our bodies. Click through the powerpoint to find out more: 





 Task 2- on Purple Mash 


 What happens to our body when we exercise? Complete the leaflet. 


 Monday 29th June- Lifecycles of mammals


Click on the link and complete the quiz.  Then look at the powerpoint below.  I have put a task on  purple mash- the life cycle of a butterfly. 




 Monday 22nd June- Gestation periods 


Last week we looked at how humans develop from a baby to old age. Today we are focusing on gestation of different mammals. 


Gestation means....  'the process or period of developing inside the womb between conception and birth'. So in other simpler words....linking to long is the baby inside the woman's womb before it is born. 


Read through the powerpoint and click the link to find out more. 


Complete the table showing the gestation periods for different mammals- then try and do a bar chart to show the results clearly. What do you notice about the results? 


 Monday 15th June- Human timeline 


 This week we are looking at the timeline of humans. Click through the powerpoint-can you guess who some of the staff from school are from their baby photos? 


Click the link below and complete the speech bubbles around the time line- what happens at each stage of the human timeline? 



 Monday 8th June - Grouping living things 


Look through the powerpoint to find out all about how to group living things in different ways and how to use Carroll and Venn diagrams to help sort. 


Click the link for todays work- remember * is easiest, *** is hardest. I have included pictures of animals for you to print, cut out and sort OR you can just write names in the correct places. Answers are included! 



 Monday 1st June- Living things and their habitats 


We are starting a new unit of work this half term. I have included the Knowledge organiser above so you can see some key words and facts that are important in this topic. 


Watch the BBC clip for more information.



To start our unit I would like you to investigate your local habitats around where you live. Complete the sheet on Purple Mash showing me what you have found out.



 Monday 18th May- Reversible and Irreversible changes


Watch the clip to introduce today's lesson....


What does reversible mean? What does irreversible mean? 


Click through the powerpoint for more information...


The powerpoint has the following experiment...if you have an adult helping you perhaps you could try the experiment and see what happens! Take photos and send them to me! 




Think about...How does this experiment link to reversible and irreversible changes? 


Your task today: 


Click below and select one of the sheets to complete to show your learning- the sheets are different levels so choose the one you want to do!