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Week Beginning 15th June 

We've had some special times in Reception this year. Talk about your favourite memories of your first year in school so far. 


Have a go at the activity on purple Mash relating to Special Times. 





Week Beginning 8th June 



For the next few weeks in RE we will be learning about "Special Places" to us. 

Have a look at the following video and have a think about why it might be a special place for me.




This is a Special Place for me ..... do you know why?

Still image for this video

Have you had a think about why it's a special place for me? 

  • I love going here for walks with my boys and girls 
  • I love seeing the ducklings, cygnets and their mummies and daddies
  • I always think about nature when I'm here and
  • Have a few quiet moments to think about my family in Ireland 


Can you have a think about your "special place" and draw a picture of it. 

Who goes there with you? 

How do you feel when you are there? 


Week Beginning 1st June

What does prayer mean to you? 

Who do we talk to when we pray?

What kinds of things do you ask for in your prayers? 

What prayers did Jesus teach us? 



Wellbeing Menu - Choose some activities to ensure you are looking after your mental health too

Can you design your own rainbow fish? 

Email me a photo of your amazing work. 


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