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 Monday 6th July- Ramadan and Eid


Watch the link to find out about Ramadan:


What is Eid?


Click through the powerpoint to find out more and complete the notes sheet about Eid. On Purple Mash design a card to celebrate Eid. I have included some examples below for you. 



Hajj: Stories of the modern pilgrimage


Monday 29th June- What have you learnt about Hajj? 


 Today I would like you to use your learning about Hajj from last week and choose ONE of the following tasks to do:


1) Complete the time line activity showing the journey of Hajj to beginning and end. 


2) Imagine you are on Hajj- write an email to a friend telling them all about it (Purple mash task)


3) Create a powerpoint about Hajj to teach younger children. 


Please email me any of your work! 


Mrs Cooper smiley




 Monday 22nd June- Hajj 


 For Muslims going on Hajj is a very important event which they will aim to do at least once in their lifetime. 


Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is the most holy city for Muslims- this is where they travel to for Hajj. Use an online atlas or Google earth to find Mecca. 2.5 million Muslims would travel to Mecca for this every year!  


This year Hajj should have begun on the 28th July and ended on the 2nd August- however with the Covid 19 pandemic it is unlikely to happen this year. If Hajj is cancelled it would be the first time in modern day History.


Today I would like you to find out more about Hajj- use the notes sheet to find out what Muslims need to take with them and why. Blue English group-  pick four items and write notes about them


Click the links and watch the powerpoint to find out more.


 Monday 15th June- What is a mosque like? 


Last week you found out all about the five pillars of Islam- today I want you to find out about what a mosque looks like (outside and inside).


Click through the powerpoint for more images. 


Print the worksheet and label the features of the mosque. On Purple Mash I have put a fun task of decorating a mosque. 


  Monday 8th June- 5 Pillars of Islam 


This half term we are continuing to learn more about Islam and today will be learning about their five main beliefs- called 'The pillars of Islam'. Some of this you should remember from Year 4!


Do some research using the link above, you tube video below and powerpoint. Then look on your Purple Mash 'To do' list. Choose either the poster or leaflet to explain to me what you have learnt. 




The Five Pillars of Islam | Religions of the World

Suitable for teaching 5 to 7s. An animated clip explaining the Five Pillars of Islam. Subscribe for more Religious Studies clips from BBC Teach on Monday whe...



 Monday 1st June- Pentecost


 Yesterday, Christians all over the world celebrated Pentecost. We found out about Pentecost last half term. I have included the powerpoint below to remind you what happened. I would like you to create you own Pentecost craft today. I have included some ideas below -you might have some even better ones though! You could:

  • Draw or paint  a part of the Pentecost story
  • Write a poem 
  • Create a stop motion video showing what happened? 
  • Cartoon strip to tell the story. 


Take a photo and send me your work! I will create a Pentecost photo gallery on here to show off all your fabulous ideas! 



 Monday 18th May- Ramadan 


In Year 5 we study Islam as our other religion- this Saturday (23rd May) Ramadan will finish for Muslims. Today  I would like you to find out more about Ramadan. I wonder whether being in lockdown has made it easier or harder for Muslims? 


Watch the clips for lots more information....


Look at the powerpoint for more information.


Your task for today :


1) Complete the notes sheet on Purple Mash about Ramadan OR

2) Decorate and make a Ramadan lantern to hang in your house.  Add some facts about Ramadan on to your lantern.