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Wednesday 17th June

This week you are completing the final lesson of staying safe online. 

Wednesday 10th June 

Today you are exploring about being safe when sharing images online. Open up your virtual lesson guide and then follow the instructions for each activity. 

Wednesday 3rd June 

This week, we are learning all about staying safe online and cyber bullying. Click on the link and load the lesson guide, this will lead you in activities and discussions. All video links and activities are uploaded below for you to download when the lesson guide tells you to. 

Wednesday 20th May 

This week is 'World Mental Health Week' and this year's theme is: Kindness. We want to encourage an act of kindness to be conducted by you at home for your parents/siblings and reflect on how that made you feel and how it made the other party feel.  "Kindness is an act of courage". So visit the links below and get started on your act of kindness activities- including your kindness calendar. 

The power of kindness in schools

Children and teachers share their thoughts on kindness and a new Red Cross teaching resource. Children at Sudbourne Primary School, London, were among tens o...

Wednesday 13th May 

Today, you are focusing on the emotion 'anger' and how to deal with anger in a healthy way. You have the lesson link to open first- this will lead you in the activities. When the lesson tells you to, click on the video example. Then open each activity listed below. Finally, you have a choice a different relaxation videos to explore. View them and see which one you prefer. 

Wednesday 6th May 

Our unit for this half term is 'Feeling and Emotions'. 

This week, we are going to focus on worry. 

Visit the link below and it will talk you through today's lesson. It will also tell you which activity to do when, which you can also find below.