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 Thursday 9th July- Changes


What do children think?


Complete the sheet about different types of relationships....


Thursday 2nd July- Changes powerpoint 


Look through the powerpoint about changes- think about how you have coped with changes in the last few months ?


 Thursday 26th June- Changes lesson 4


 Look through slides 15-18 first- there is no task for this section .Just read and think about it. 


Then look at 19-21:

L.O  -I know that people respond differently to changes and challenges


Complete the change quiz then ask someone in your house to complete the quiz too. Compare your answers! How different/similar are they? 


 Thursday 18th June- Changes


 Look through the powerpoint slides 12-14. 


Our work today looks at the different ways we might react when faced with change.  We might have positive feeling  (smiles) –we need to record them on the sheet, along with how they might look.  On the other hand, we may experience negative feelings (tantrums) –we will record These on our sheet too. What might these be? How might they look?


Thursday 11th June- Changes lesson 2


Last week we looked at big and smaller changes which may have happened in your life. This week we are thinking about your circle of friends -who can you rely on when these changes happen to you ? 


Look through the powerpoint slides 6-11. Then complete the sheet thinking about your circle of friends.





 Thursday 4th June- Changes


 Look at the powerpoint slides 1-5- what changes have you had in your life? Were they big or little changes? Complete the sheet and think about your actions and feelings for each change. 






 Thursday 21st May- Kindness challenge


 As this week is Mental Health Awareness week I would like you to focus on being kind to those around you and being kind to yourself. Below I have attached some ideas for you to be kind to others and a task to think about how you can be kinder to yourself.  I have also included a mindfulness colouring sheet - put some lovely music on, find a relaxing place and be kind to yourself and colour! 




Click the link to see what Mrs Edward wants to say to you....


  Thursday 7th May and Thursday 14th May - Keeping safe 


PSCHE for the next few weeks I want you to think about Keeping safe.


Watch the video to see some sensible ideas about keeping safe on line.  Obviously at the moment a lot of people are spending more time at home, online- it's really important to stay safe when you are online. If you have a trusted adult at home then talk to them about any worries you may have. If you are struggling, and can't talk to anyone at home, please talk to another adult who you can trust so they can help you.


Then click the link to think about what each child says....



 Thursday 14th May- Check your Purple Mash 'To do' list- can you answer the emails about Keeping safe? 



Thursday 30th April- Giving compliments


 We are continuing our topic of 'Relationships' - click through slides 1-7 on the Powerpoint. Your task is on slide 7. 


 Click the link below to print off a compliments postcard.  



  Thursday 23rd April- Jealousy 


 This half term our new unit is 'Feelings and emotions'. We are beginning by looking at the emotion 'Jealousy'.  Watch the powerpoint below..


Watch the video below...


Complete the sheet.