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Week beginning Monday 6th July



This week it is Merseyside Virtual Summer Games.  I have attached the challenge cards for each day next week that schools across Merseyside will be taking part in.  Please can you email me photographs of you completing them.  Have fun! 


 Week beginning June 29th ....Have fun and get active! 


 This week I would like you to focus on doing something active every day- try to make it a different activity each day e.g. riding, walking, playing football, running, assault course around your garden, mini olympics! 


 Complete the booklet below and email to me! 



 Wednesday 17th June-  Warm up with the Incredibles! 


Short two-minute videos will be posted that will show parents (and teachers) free, fun and easy to follow PE activities for the whole family to enjoy together.

Each #ThisIsPE video will focus on a different aspect of the National Curriculum.  The videos, delivered by PE teachers, will help children and young people to continue their skill development in PE during this period when we are having to stay at home, to save lives.

Videos will be posted at 1pm on a MondayWednesday and Friday.  You don’t need to be in PE kit and you don’t need sports equipment. All of the videos will use things that you can find around the home.

To view all the videos in one place a #ThisIsPE YouTube playlist has been created.


Have a look at their you tube channel and try some activities!



 Week beginning 8th June- 


Last week I asked you to practice some striking and fielding skills. This week I want you to focus on number 6 on the card-can you design your own games to practice some of these skills? Can you ask someone to video you doing your game and explaining what to do? Make sure you clearly say what skills you are practising, what the aim of the game is and why the game is useful.


Email me your videos and I will share them on this page for others to try. Use the sheet below to plan out your ideas.- either type onto the sheet or print out and write on. Test your ideas on your family- can you explain clearly to them? 


 3rd and 4th June


 Look at the cards do some Joe Wicks warm up activities. Then click on the link to download some 'Striking and Fielding' activities. 


 Week beginning  May 18th 


  Try the dice challenge below- make sure you get outside when you can. Bike riding, scooters, beach walks all count as P.E activities! 


As part of Mental Health week why don't you try some of these relaxing yoga poses? 


 Week beginning May 11th- 


 P.E Challenges- Alphabet yoga- 


Take some time out to stretch your body- sitting working on a laptop or a table for too long can really make your back ache! 


Try this pilates class- I love pilates to help stretch !





Week Beginning May 4th- P.E Challenges 


Sportscubed are putting daily challenges on their You tube and Facebook pages. The more children who take part the more points our school can get! If you want to take part, click on their link each day and see what the latest challenge is. Record your scores ready to send to to them. 



 Even teachers get points for taking part so I might even try some of them!  I wonder who can get the most points in our class and can you beat me?! 



 Weds 29th and Thurs 30th April 


This is a link to a fab website full of games and videos you can do at home.


I have picked out 'Noughts and crosses'  and 'Golf rolling' as examples below which would work well at home but you can try any of the activities you would like to. 


Don't forget that Gonoodle and Supermovers are great to keep you active and of course Joe Wickes P.E at 9 am every day (or catch up later on his You tube channel). The most important thing is for you - and your families- to stay active! 



 Weds 22nd and Thurs 23rd April 


 Set up your own P.E Circuits activity in your home/garden! I have included cards below to give you ideas for each station but you could make your own signs and use your own ideas. Ask someone to time you as you complete the course- try again to beat your time! Challenge the rest of your family! Have fun keeping active!