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Week Beginning 13th July 

This week we're going to investigate which materials are waterproof and therefore suitable to help mermaids remain waterproof in the sea. Have a look at the challenge below. 


Week Beginning 6th July


This week - as part of our Pirate topic we will be exploring the concept of floating and sinking. We'll look at what materials might float or sink and why. 

Have a look at the Powerpoint below and carry out your own investigation. 


Week beginning 29th June



This week, we are going to the ocean.

Have a look at the PowerPoint below and see which sea creatures you can identify.



Week Beginning 15th June 


As part of our Knowledge and Understanding of the World learning this week, we will look at diversity in our community. How we are all the same but different. How our differences make us so unique and special and how we can learn more about different communities by asking questions and listening.  

Remember our British Values and Christian Values of Tolerance and Respect for all. 






Week Beginning 8th June 

Have a look at the link below to investigate the use of yeast in bread making. It's a good job we can't smell it because it's a bit whiffy! smiley


Week Beginning 1st June 


Where does flour come from? 



Have a go at some of these exciting experiments




        Week Beginning 11th May 


What materials would be ideal to build a bridge? 


Conduct an experiment to test the strength of different materials that you could use to make a bridge .

Write a list of what materials would be good and why? What are your predictions? Now test out your theories...……………….





Week Beginning 4th May 2020     

This week in Science we will be experimenting with different materials  - noting their properties and what we could use each material for. Think about the materials that the 3 Little Pigs used to build their houses. What did they want the materials to do? Did the material that they used work? Was it strong enough to keep them safe from the wolf? 


Have a look at the key words below about materials? 

Explore other materials to build a house....... what things could you use? 




Have a look at the Powerpoint below then do your own materials hunt around your house

Science Experiment - What can you Huff and Puff down?

Science in Reception Summer Term 

Welcome back to our Science Page everyone - I have some fantastic news for you - See the photos below. We have 3 very healthy butterflies ready to be released into the lovey sunshine. We also have a poorly butterfly who is struggling to stretch out her wings just now so I'm feeding her some tangerine juice each day. Fingers crossed she'll be ok. Maybe you could send me an email with a name you'd like to choose for the butterflies or perhaps you'd like to write a little prayer for her? 


Our amazing butterlies

Our caterpillars have transformed into amazing butterflies

Still image for this video



Planting Challenge Week Beginning 20th April 2020 

This week's task is to plant a seed or bean. I will be planting a sunflower outdoors at home. I am also going to plant a bean in a bag with some damp cotton wool to see if it will germinate. We can then watch the root growing down and the shoot growing upwards. I wonder how man days it will take? 


Will you have a go too? 


There are lots of "2Dos" for you to do on Purple Mash. 


I'll keep posting photos of our very hungry caterpillars. In the mean time - why don't you try crawling on the floor like a caterpillar! Then create a gymnastics routine based on him curling up, doing egg rolls and stretching up to the top of the lid! See if you can nail your landing! 

Tuesday 24th March Complete an observation of the caterpillars. What changes have occured?

Wednesday 25th March

Still image for this video
Have a look at what these not so little caterpillars are doing now!
What can you see?
What do you predict is about to happen?

Thursday 26th March 


Monday 30th March The caterpillars have all built cocoons.

Can you see the cocoons shaking? Do some reasearch as to why it moves. Post your answers on our blog or email them to me.

Still image for this video

Use the observation form below as a basis for your observations on our very hungry caterpillars!

Snail Powerpoint for you to investigate these fabulously slimy creatures! YOuc an makeyour own snail booklet now too! Have fun!

Other science experiments can be done below …..

Here are my girls having a go at the first Science Experiment - Bubbles. Not cubes but giant bubbles none the less!