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Music (Mon)

A cross-curricular resource linking Music with History and Literacy. There are seven songs to learn based on the story of the Trojan War.  Click on the link to watch the first part of the story and learn a song.

Monday 20th April

Click on the link below to find out more about 'The Trojan War'.

Monday 27th April

Watch the second part of the story and learn the song to go with it.

When Menelaus finds out that Paris and Helen have run off to Troy he doesn't hang around. He gathers the Greek leaders and they arrive in Troy to deliver an ultimatum to King Priam: return Helen immediately or it's war!

Monday 4th May

Heroes of Troy: 3. Destruction

The Greek fleet arrives at Troy. The soldiers fight their way up the beach but cannot get inside the city walls. It's stalemate and so the siege of Troy begins...a siege that will last ten long and bloody years..

Enjoy learning song 3.


Monday 11th May

Heroes of Troy: 4. The wonder of war

Menelaus and Paris meet in single combat. Achilles still refuses to fight. So his cousin Patroclus takes the superhero's special armour and returns to the battle...but unfortunately for Patroclus he's no superhero.

Click on the link below to hear part 4 of the story and learn the song.

Monday 17th May

Year 1 have been learning about the Beatles (I remember having so much fun in Year 1 doing this with you!!!)  They have invited the whole school to join in with this task!

'I would like you to experiment with making different sounds. You may want to make your own instruments, you may have your own musical instruments that you could play, or you might want to use a variety of household objects that could be turned into instruments for the purpose of this task. Once you have spent time experimenting, I would like you to play along to The Beatles 'All You Need is Love' track and ask someone to record/video you doing this. If you can email these to me, I will create a "Mash-up" of all of the work. It does not need to be the whole song. The most important thing is that you have FUN making music!' 

Email videos to me and I will forward them on to Miss Samuel.

Monday 1st June

This week we are going to be learning a happy song all about singing.  Singing is a great way to keep us happy and feel good.  There are some activities to go with the song to help you learn about syllables in the lyrics of songs and for you to come up with your own lines for the song.  Have fun and enjoy singing with your family!

Sing - Monday 1st June

Monday 8th June

This fabulous song encourages us to be thankful each and every day in appreciation and celebration of all the things around us. 'You'll be wonderfully grateful and amazed'.

Monday 15th June

1.  This week I have chosen a song to get us moving.  Learn the song and use actions to get you moving.  Think about the facial expressions you use at the end of each verse.

2.  Use the home learning sheet and make up your own words and actions.

3.  I have included a link to a BBC Bitesize activity to help you revise dynamics.

Clap hands, stamp feet home learning sheet

Monday 22nd June 

This week, we are learning all about melody and pitch when we are singing! Visit the link below for your online lesson.