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 Friday 10th July- Making music! 


Purple Mash has a program called 'Busy Beats' where you can make your own music. I have put it in your 'To do' list for you to have a go and creating some tunes! 


Have fun! smiley


 Friday 3rd June- The music of Spain


Watch the video to learn all about Flamenco. Can you clap the rhythm? What else can you find out about flamenco dancing? 




Learn about Hispanic Heritage | Flamenco Dance Studio Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage and learn about Flamenco!.



Friday 19th June 


 Imagine your story was being turned into a film- what theme music could you design for it? Use household instruments to play it! Or you could use an app on your Ipad, tablet or computer to design some son uses Garage band to make songs! 


Watch the clip to see some famous theme tunes:



 Friday 5th June- Harmony


Watch the BBC Bitesize clip:


Can you explain to another member of your family what harmony is ? 


All You Need Is Love (Remastered 2009)

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group All You Need Is Love (Remastered 2009) · The Beatles Yellow Submarine ℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a ...


 Friday 15th May- 


We are joining with Year 1 for our music for the next two weeks....



Message from Miss Samuel...


Over the next two weeks (until half term), I would like you to experiment with making different sounds. You may want to make your own instruments, you may have your own musical instruments that you could play, or you might want to use a variety of household objects that could be turned into instruments for the purpose of this task. Once you have spent time experimenting, I would like you to play along to The Beatles 'All You Need is Love' track and ask someone to record/video you doing this. If you can email these to me, I will create a "Mash-up" of all of the work. It does not need to be the whole song. The most important thing is that you have FUN making music!



Click the link below for ideas on what to make...



Have fun! 


 Friday 24th March- It's Friday - time to relax and sing! 


Singing with feeling- 


 Click on the BBC Bitesize link. Watch the Bob Marley and Nina Simone clip. Then do activity one.





 Friday 1st May 


Continue with the BBC Bitesize music lesson- play the pitch game and move onto activity 2.