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Monster Phonics

Monster Phonics is a great on-line learning tool to help you teach phonics and English during our lockdown. 

Username is: login

Password is: homelearning 

Find the link below :

I advise to use the Speed Sound Powerpoint that the children already know daily. 

Follow it up by using Monster Phonics: 



Weeks 1-2 will focus on the traditional tales Jack and The Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood and also focussing on the Phase 3 sounds "oo" and "ar" and applying these to reading and writing. 


Each week starts with a traditional tale PowerPoint and has suggested tasks to do for example - sequencing the story, writing a sentence about each character and even specific phonic worksheets. 

You should find plenty of work here to fill out each week. 

Below is the suggested plan; however - deviate as you see fit. 

Any problems, just drop me an email, 

Mrs. Maguire x