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Lets make maths fun!

This page will be updated regularly with maths worksheets and challenges for you and your child to do. There will also be some Purple Mash Tasks for you to complete so log in regularly. 


Remember to use any opportunity at home to count forwards from any number, not just from 1. Try and trick your children by missing out numbers - will they spot it?


Have a number hunt in the garden. The next day have another hunt but this time they need to match numbers to spots! 


Have a game of bingo! There's nothing better than a family game of bingo! Why not email me a photo of your game/hunt/exciting number adventure. 

Remember baking is a fantastic fun way to explore maths! Messy but fun and most of all - memorable! 

Week Beginning 20th July 

This week we will consolidate all our learning so far with a number of challenges. We will also be trying to put all our knowledge into practise by reasoning about number problems.

 Week Beginning 6th July


In Maths this week I am setting you a range of counting and adding challenges. Have a go at them and email me to tell me how you get on! 







Week beginning 29th June 



This week we are going to revisit subtraction and take away. 

This can often be a difficult concept for the children to grasp so we will spend a little more time on it this week. 

To do this we are going to read the story "The Tiger who came to tea". This cheeky tiger kept eating or "taking away" another bun! Have a look and listen to the story via the link below. 

Then have a go at the take away challenges for you below 


Week Beginning 22nd June 


This week in Maths we are finishing off our "Money" topic. 

We will learn how to take away an amount of money from another to calculate "change". Have a go at the activities below. 





Week Beginning 15th June 




This week we will continue learning about money. Now that you recognise some of the coins, let's begin to count and add with money. Have a go at the challenges below and why not set up a cafe with some lovely cakes or a toy shop for your toys and games. What price will you label things in your shop? 






Week Beginning 8th June 



In order to tie in with our "Zed's Bread" story we are learning about money this week. 

Examine the price of various types of bread and bakery items with your Mums and Dads. 

Have a look at the Powerpoint below to examine different coins. Explore the shape, size and colour. Look for any words or numbers on the coins and look at the pictures. 


Have a go at the challenges below and why not do some coin rubbings. I suggest learning about no more than 2 coins a day and make sure to make it fun! 





Week Beginning 1st June 

We're going to start our final half term with a recap on counting  - just like the Little Red Hen.

We're also going to have a refresh of addition this week too. 

Have fun with your challenges 


Week beginning 18th May 


This week we're learning how to count in 10s. 

Have a look at the Powerpoint below and complete the challenges 



Week Beginning 11th May 


This week we will be learning how to count in 5s. Have a look at the Powerpoint below to help start off your learning this week. Remember if you're stuck - you can always use the fingers (and thumb) on your hand to count on in 5s! 

Remember to go on your bridge trip - here is your number and shape hunt form - what will you spot?




Week Beginning 4th May 

This week - in order to help the 3 Little Pigs - we will be perfecting our counting skills.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to count in 2s last week. For our tasks this week we will reacap on that and practise counting large groups of objects to get a total. We will then delve into counting in 5s next week.



The weather is going to be great again this week so  - get outside and collect sticks to help the 2nd Little Pig! How many sticks does it take to build your house? 


Have fun! 

Love from Mrs. Maguire xxx

Week Beginning 27th April 

Well done on all your hard work last week on length. You are experts now on comparing the length and height of objects! 

This week we are learning all about counting in 2s. 

Sometimes we can count groups of objects in larger numbers like in 2s, 5s or 10s. This week we will learn how to count groups of objects in 2s. 


To do this we can begin by whispering number 1 then shout 2, whisper 3, shout 4 and so on...... this helps with the idea of "skipping" a number. With practise the children can then just rote count - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc 


Why not make your own sock washing line like the one below - here you can explore odd and even numbers as well as counting in 2s. 


Look at the Powerpoint below and have a go at some of the activities. 

I hope to add a little video near the end of the week when you have practiced learning how to count in 2s. Watch this space! 


You have 2Dos in Purple Mash too! 

Have a lovely week. Love from Mrs. Maguire xxx

Week Beginning 20th April 2020 

This week's key learning will be length. We will be comparing the length/height of things - beanstalks in particular if we can find any! There will be lots of plants in your garden that you can measure so let's get started! 

Garden Activities: 

  •  Which plant is the tallest? 
  • How many of your hands tall is the plant? 
  • Is that the same as a grown up's hand? 
  • Using a piece of string - measure the length of your leg and a grown up's leg. Is it the same or different.  Estimate how many centimetres long your leg is. 
  • The possibilities are endless - these are just a few starter ideas! 




Take away work with a challenging take away problem sheet to try too. I suggest using mini marshmallows/pasta/buttons/crayons etc to use to help solve tricky take take away problems. It's often easier to "see" than a numberline.

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