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 Week beginning Mon 13th July-  Number Maths revision


Mon: Place value code breaker. Click the link for help....,Place%20Value,its%20place%20value%20is%200.01


Tues: Calculation code breaker- revising multiplication and division


Weds: Number cross- revising multiplication


Thurs: Colour by calculation


Mental maths-

Mon- Squared and cubed numbers-

Tues-Calculating change (Purple Mash game)

Weds- Mental maths skills- choose your level

Thurs- Prime numbers


All sheets attached below. 


 Week beginning 6th July- Revision of addition, subtraction and multiplication 


Each day this week we are revising previous learning- please click the powerpoint and sheets for each day.

Those who have work printed for them I have labelled each day with the correct sheet for you to make it easier (including Bubble 1, Year 6 children). These sheets may be different to the ones below. 


For those working from home if you have your Year 5 Maths homework books please use that- if you don't, I have scanned the pages you will need and put below. 


 Monday- Addition and subtraction written sums

 Tuesday- Addition and subtraction word problems

 Wednesday- Multiplication practice- written methods

 Thursday- Multiplication word problems. 


Please remember to set sums out clearly-one digit, one box and use a ruler for any answer box lines. 


 Mental maths tasks:


Monday- Monster Multiplication (Purple Mash)

Tuesday- Bond Bubbles (Purple Mash)

Wednesday- Funky platform (Purple Mash)

Thursday- Sequence snake (Purple Mash)


Topmarks website has some other great games you could try:

Helpful resources for key learning about Decimals

Use this to revise....