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[Latest News and Photos 2019-20]

Literacy lesson- looking at a poem

Star dome time!

Class worship

Boat making- DT/Science

Hunting for features of non-chronological reports


Measuring perimeters

Bye bye Mrs Anderson!

Christmas poem performance!

Active maths- Cubed and squared numbers!


Sky singing hub performance- Birkdale 


Year 5 performed excellently at Birkdale high school yesterday. We were all so proud of them- their behaviour and attitude was excellent for the whole day- well done Year 5! 

Sky Singing hub performance

Tasting Christmas food from around the world



 Well done to our class worship group today! They led us on a worship to think some more about our school vision and our St Philips standards! 


 R.E Homework - Parables


Well done to all the children who brought in some fabulous R.E homework today. We all had a chance to look at them and really enjoyed it! 

R.E Parables homework

Still image for this video
An amazing video done by one of our children for their R.E Parables homework

R.E Homework- Parables

Maths -factor Venn diagrams

R.E lesson- The parable of the sower

Silent thought gathering-
Reading bible verses
Looking at Art work
Telling the parable

English- performing The Highwayman poem

English work - guess the feelings!

Walk through the Bible session 4

R.E - Comparing religions

Walk thru the Bible session 2

English- shared writing a persuasive letter to Mrs Edward

Maths relay race-adding sums and then ordering the answers from smallest to largest!

Active maths- travel to each planet and solve the rounding problem!

Science discussion- why do we have day and night?

Bikeability day 2

Group work in English

Our first week in Year 5!