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VE Day 8th May

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                    Our new topic for this half term is 'The Greeks'. 

The Ancient Greeks is an exciting topic.  Mrs Lund has prepared an exciting, 'Time Traveller' project for you all to have a go at.  Have fun investigating the Ancient Greeks.


Thursday 23rd April 

Use the PowerPoint below and your own research to create an information leaflet about modern day Greece on Purple Mash.


Thursday 30th April

1. Read the information about Ancient Greek food on Purple Mash (see 2Do) and do some of your own research.  Write some facts that you have learned about what they ate.

2. Look at the 'Time Traveller' project Mrs Lund has created and start your own research.  You will be able to use what you have learned about their food in your project.


Thursday 7th May

See video clip and PowerPoint below

Purple Mash activity - Use the Purple Mash Cam, write a thought bubble for a World War 2 soldier.  Try to think about how they might be feeling.

Try to organise your own 'front garden party' to celebrate VE day

Choose some of the activities below

1. Make some Union Jack bunting for a garden party in your front garden.

2. Design your own party hat.

3. Design a peace logo or decoration to put in your front window.

4. Make a poster advertising your party.

5. Take lots of photographs of your party.


Thursday 14th May

Today we are going to be learning about the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.

1.  Click on the BBC Bitesize link to learn more about the Ancient Olympic Games.

2.  Look at the PowerPoint.  This shows how Greek pottery has helped us learn about the Ancient Olympic games.  Try to match the pottery pictures (see below) to the events in the games.

3.  Try to create freeze frames of the different events included in the games.  Can someone in your family guess what you are doing?  You could even send me a photograph to see if I can guess. (

4.  Are all the events in the Olympic games today different?

5.  Complete the Purple Mash activity that I have set.  You can include the events you have learned about.


Thursday 21st May

1.  I hope you have been having fun researching the Ancient Greeks for your project.

2.  Read the PowerPoint on Greek Gods.

3.  Complete one of the activity sheets below to show what you have learned about Greek Gods (choose a 2 star sheet or 3 star sheet for more challenge), or complete your writing on the Purple Mash task that I have set.  

Ancient Olympic resources Thursday 14th May

VE day PowerPoint

VE day wordsearch

'Time Traveller', Ancient Greek project

Thursday 23rd April