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 Wednesday 20th May-  Victorian project


 Please continue your project - writing your chapters. See today's English task for more details .


 Wednesday 13th May - The Victorians


Today we are going back to learning about the Victorians- I would like you to focus on writing the introduction to your project (if you have not done it already).  See the example below from the topic pack ... You can handwrite or type your project. Think about how to present it- in a book? folder? Word document? Create a title cover for it using Word or Publisher or draw it yourself with some nice lettering. 


1 = Write an introduction.

Remember you are writing as a time traveller. You need to explain what your task is and set the scene. This should be fun but you need to make this your best writing so take care with punctuation and spelling. You should be trying to show off correct use of advanced punctuation (e.g. commas for clauses) and start your sentences in variety of ways (words ending in ly, ed, ing). Here is an example:

Spinning rapidly through time, my challenge in this project is to travel back to investigate the Victorians. Wish me luck! Exhausted and a little confused, I arrive safely. Emerging from my time machine I have travelled over one hundred years, back to Victorian times (1837-1901). I’m going to investigate and find out just what its like to live here. My task is to find lots of evidence to help me answer the question- Were Victorian times mainly good or mainly bad?


I have included below a link to the BBC website where there are some great plays /information programs about the Victorians you can listen to as you work.  The Trapper, chimney sweep and Street children ones are particularly good.








This half term we are studying the Victorians. Southport has lots of Victorian links and lots of evidence of Victorian times still.  You are going to do  a project finding out about Victorian times and then deciding whether Victorian times were mainly good or mainly bad. I have included below the structure of your project. You can present your ideas in a book, poster, type and create your own book, folder etc... 


Task 1- This week I would like you to focus on research about the Victorians- there are some weblinks in the Word document below. There are lots of resources online for the Victorians 


Watch this song to meet Queen Victoria!


Complete the table to show what you have found out and whether it is good or bad (see page 2 of the Word document). You can type straight into this Word document. Remember to save your work.  


Whilst out for your fresh air time see if you can spot signs of the Victorians around where you live and take photos. These can be added to your project. 






 Task 2    Wednesday 29 th April- Find out about Queen Victoria 


This week I would like you to find out more about Queen Victoria. I have updated the project sheet below (Word document) to include some questions for you to research. I have also included sheets which you could use to collect your notes on, or you can choose your own method of recording what you find out.  

Use the website links included in the project sheets or use Google to research. 


Your work from today will go towards your Victorian project. Have fun!