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 Wednesday 8th July- Culture of Southport


Last week I asked you to find out about the food of Spain and maybe even prepare a Spanish meal for your family! 


This week we are thinking about the culture of Southport. Remember culture means:


  1. the arts

    the humanities- History and Geography





  2. the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society


Look at the Atkinson website for some help: 


What else can you find out about the culture of Southport? 


Tasks - choose from :

1) Create a persuasive advert to encourage tourists to visit Southport- focus on the culture of our town (use the template below or Word/Publisher)


2) On Purple Mash design the front cover of a tourism magazine to encourage people to visit Southport. 




 Wednesday 1st June- Comparing the culture of Madrid and Southport. 


 What does culture mean?


Culture is a word for the 'way of life' of groups of people, meaning the way they do things. ...  beliefs, and behaviour. The outlook, attitudes, values, morals, goals, and customs shared by a society.


Today we are going to be thinking about the culture of Madrid. Obviously in any place there is a mixture of cultures as people will have different family backgrounds, which may be from other places in the world. 


Food plays an important part of the culture of any place. We are going to look at the food Madrid (Spain). In music this week you will be learning about dance in Spain. 


Look through the Spanish food powerpoint- which ones have you tried before? Which ones do you like or dislike? Choose a task from below...


Task 1- Your challenge this week is to follow a recipe to make some Spanish food or ask your parents if you can buy some spanish food from the supermarket to try! Take photos and tell me all about what you have made! Did you like it? I have included some recipes below but you may want to find your own ones.




Find out about the different types of Spanish foods and complete the sheet. 




 Wednesday 24th June- Welcome to Madrid! 


 Today we are going to find out more about Madrid- its 'physical' and 'human' features. Click the powerpoint to remind yourself what 'physical' and 'human' means. 


Watch the You tube clip to get a feel for what Madrid is like. I would then like you to create a leaflet about Madrid- you can use the sheets below (cut out the pictures to stick on the leaflet) OR use Purple Mash (check your 'To do' list).  I do what you to include information about physical and human features please. 




A Weekend in Madrid

This is a short movie about Madrid, a traditional and at the same time modern city, the capital of Spain.


 Wednesday 17th June- Comparing climates.


 See Maths for today's task! 


 Wednesday 10th June- Finding out more about European countries and capital cities


 Last week we looked at photos of Madrid and compared Madrid and Southport. This week we are going to find out the location of other European countries and cities. 


 Click through the powerpoint to find out more about Europe. 


 Then use an atlas to complete the map showing the European countries and their capital cities.


For fun I have also included a European capital city fortune teller you may want to print off and make! 


Once you have labelled the map go on Purple Mash and test what you have learnt on the Geography quiz- can you label all the cities correctly? 


 Wednesday 3rd June  - Comparing places


We are starting a new unit this half term comparing places, focusing on the Spanish city of Madrid and comparing to Southport. I wonder if any of you have been to Madrid? Could you send me any photos if you have? 


 For today's lesson I would like you to complete the chart showing simple comparisons between Southport and Madrid. You don't have to write on the sheet- you could draw and label features or print and stick into the boxes. 


Watch the video to find out more about Madrid....


Remember physical features are 'natural' features e.g. water falls, volcanoes, . Human features are man- made and would not exist naturally.  Look through the powerpoint to help you. 



Photos from Mrs Afford's trip to Madrid