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French (Fri)

vendredi douze juin

Bonjour tout le monde!


This week we will be revising family members (ma famille = my family) and learning the correct possessive pronoun to use with each one. The pronoun 'my' changes according to whether the noun is masculine, feminine or plural.


mon... masculine    eg mon oncle    (my uncle)

ma...   feminine       eg ma tante      (my aunt)

mes...  plural            eg mes soeurs  (my sisters)


You need to watch the PowerPoint showing you the new vocabulary relating to family members again and then group them according to whether they are masculine or feminine on the standard challenge activity sheet or masculine, feminine or plural on the more challenging activity sheet.


Bon chance!

Madame Afford

vendredi cinq juin

Bienvenue mes enfants!

I hope you had a lovely half-term in the sunshine.

This week we are going to learn all about our families in French.


You are going to learn how to name your family in French. Once you have watched the PowerPoint in slideshow mode, I would like you to draw your own family tree, labelling your family in English and then in French.


Bon chance!

My Family - Ma familie

vendredi vingt-deux mai


Bonjour tout le monde,

This week we are still looking at school life in France. However, it is a practical lesson and if we were in school, we would be doing it as a PE lesson but in French.


It is all the commands that we use in practical and physical lessons such as 'Stop!' 'Sit Down!' and 'Jump!'.


I have included a sheet with the translations on as they are not on the powerpoint. You could have some fun with your family giving instructions. wink


Can you think of any games you could play using these? How about  'Les Feux' (Traffic Lights) or 'Jaques Dit' (Simon Says)?


À bientôt,

Madame Afford


vendredi quinze mai

Bonjour tout le monde!

Aujourd'hui (today) we are looking at school subjects. See how many you can work out without any help. Some of them are very similar to the English names.


The focus of the lesson is learning to say I like (J'aime) and I do not like (Je n'aime pas) about the subject rather than knowing all of them by heart.

The more often you repeat those two phrases, the better you will become and it will stay in your memory.


Bon Chance

Madame Afford

VE Day In France

Crowds of French patriots along the Champs Elysees
VE Day 1945 at the Arc de Triomphe
Paris celebrations as war ends
People flock to Paris each year to celebrate
Contemporary VE Day celebrations

vendredi huit mai

Bonjour mes amis!

Today is VE Day so I have addedsome pictures of the celebrations in France. You have your VE Day work and Lockdown Competition so I am not setting any separate French work today.


Enjoy your celebrations,

À bientot

Madame Afford

vendredi le premier mai




Today we are looking at the objects you may have in your pencil case. There is an activity sheet you can complete, or just write out the sentences. I thought you may widh to watch the following videos on You Tube. They will help yu with your pronunciation.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 2 starts with the question; what is it?

vendredi vingt-quatre avril


Bienvenue tout le monde!


I hope you all had a lovely Easter. 

this half-term we are looking at the classroom. The things that make up a classroom and the things you use.


I have included a PowerPoint that shows you things in the classroom such as the door (la porte), a table (une table) and the windows (les fenêtres).


After you have looked at this, I would like you to draw your classroom and lable each item. If you find it easier, you could draw it from a bird's eye view (from above). 

Madame Afford   

En Class - In The Classroom

Bonjour mes enfants,


I hope you are all well.


Thank you to Noah for his photograph. Do email me any art, craft or language work you would like to share. That includes English as well as French.


This is the last part of our Ancient Britain topic in French. I hope you have enjoyed it. Sorry I can not put the sound on my PowerPoints, but you were all so good at saying it in French, that I am sure you have not forgotten.

Go on... teach your parents and syblings smiley


I would love you to make some really creative timelines for me. Add pictures, dates and any French words you can. 


Use the information in both Powerpoints and the Key Language sheet to inspire you.


I am looking forward to receiving photos of them.


Love from Madame Afford


vendredi vingt-sept mars

Bonjour mes amis!

I will be posting PowerPoints and worksheets or activities for you to complete each week. I am unable to share the login for our French scheme at this stage so I am making my own Powerpoints based on the work covered. Unfortunately, I can not include the sounds. There are some sound buttons on some pictures but they do not work. 

I have included a Key Language sheet to help you but Google Translate is a good tool to use and ask your family; someone may have a French dictionary!

The first worksheet is revision from the lesson last Friday. Have a go. See what you remember.

Then there is a PowerPoint and activity to follow.

Enjoy the sunshine and your learning. Everyone is looking forward to seeing each other after all this has passed. Please feel free to email me any photos of you or your work and I will share these with the rest of the class on here.

Madame Afford