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mardi dix-neuf mai

Bonjour tout le monde!


This week you will be learning how to ask the sort of questions you would ask in the classroom and in school. These include the basic, but polite way to ask anything - 'Excusez-moi, est-ce que je peux... s'il vous plaît?'


Once you have looked at the PowerPoint, I would like you to complete the Activity sheet, translating sentences from French to English and English to French.


Bon Chance!


Madame Afford

mardi douze mai


Bonjour tout le monde,

This week, we are still looking at school life in French.


The focus is shapes - Les Formes; learning the names for them and doing some maths counting the sides of shapes- les côtés des formes.

Bienvenue tout le monde!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. 

It seems odd to say welcome back when we are not actually back in school but hopefully you will enjoy completing some of the French activities I will be setting over the coming weeks.


Apparently, they are working on producing individual pupil logons for our new French scheme so I will let you know as soon as it is available. this will be great as you will have access to all the spoken language in the PowerPoints.


Until then, I have found and adapted some that should include the spoken words. You need to view the PowerPoints in slideshow mode and the sound should work as you click on enter as well as the arrows on each slide. 

I have also included some worksheets that are differentiated for you to complete. If you do not have the option of printing out, just look at it on the screen and write out the sentences.

Madame Afford

lundi vingt-quatre mars

Bonjour Mes enfants!

As you know we have been looking at 'Les Vetements' this half-term using our new scheme. Unfortunately I am not allowed to upload that so have found a Twinkl PowerPoint that covers the same aspects.

You do not have to print out and complete the activity sheet. You can just draw your own and write underneath.

The important thing is to practise speaking French. Teach your family what you know or ask them to test you. 

Bon Chance! Madame Afford

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