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 Tuesday 7th July - Likes/dislikes food and drink


Watch the link to find out about French food and drink. Click through the powerpoint for more information and then choose the level of task you would like to do. 





mardi trente juin

Bonjour tout le monde, laugh


 *** The PowerPoint is in two parts as it was too large a file to upload. ***


This week we are looking at how to say, "I like to eat..." about lots of different foods. However, when describing these nouns using adjectives, the gender of the adjectives has to agree with the gender of the noun. 

First of all you will be revising how to say of you like something or not.


J'aime les sucettes.    Je n' aime pas les sucettes.

J'aime le gateau.   Je n'aime pas le gateau.

Next, you will be using adjectives to describe the foods.

Such as; délicieux - délicieuse - delicious

If the food item is masculine, use the masculine form of the adjective – shown in blue.

If the food item is feminine, use the feminine form of the adjective – shown in pink.


La crêpe est sucrée. The pancake is sugary.

Le chocolat est délicieux.  The chocolate is delicious.


When describing a plural form of food, the basic rule is to add an ‘s’ to the masculine or feminine form of the adjectives, with some exceptions:

Adjectives which end in ‘x’ in the masculine form remain the same, the feminine form adds an ‘s’.


Les gâteaux sont délicieux.    The cakes are delicious.

Les frites sont croquantes.   The chips are crispy.


Now you can put all this together into a sentence say why you like/do not like something.

J’aime la glace parce qu’elle est crémeuse.  I like ice cream because it is creamy.

J’aime le gâteau parce qu’il est délicieux.

Bon chance!

Madame Afford heart

Please note, there is an accent over the  a in 'gateau' but the symbol option was not working.

mardi vingt-trois juin

Bonjour mes enfants,

This week we will be continuing with our food and drink theme. La nourriture et les boissons.

Today you will be learning about the different foods you may prefer on your sandwich.


I have also added a PowerPoint showing the lyrics for a song all about what a waiter may serve. You sing it to the tune of 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.

Au revoir

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mardi seize juin

Bonjour mes enfants!

We are continuing with the food and drink theme-dans la café.

This week you will be looking at what people may want to eat and drink at breakfast.

Breakfast = le petit déjeuner 

Drinks =  les boissons

Food  = la nourriture

You will be looking at how to say what you would like for breakfast;

For my breakfast, I would like...   Pour mon petit déjeuner, je voudrais...

Once you have watched the PowerPoint and had a go at working out what the missing letters in the words are, I would like you to draw your breakfast and write a couple of sentences to say what you would like to have for breakfast. Use any of the new vocabulary, it does not have to be what you usually have.

I have had to divide the PowerPoint into three sections as the file was too big for the website. The first part deals with the missing vowels in the food vocabulary, the second for drinks and the third part tells you how to say what you would like for your breakfast.


I will also include a word bank.



mardi neuf juin

This week you are going to recap on numbers and telling the time. After watching the PowerPoint, you will be reading the opening and closing chart on the activity shewet and answering the times.

mardi deux juin

Bienvenue les enfants,


This half-term we will be looking at food and drink in French. This week we will be looking at drinks, hot drinks and cold drinks in glasses, bottles and cups. You will learn how to ask, 'Qu’est-ce que vous désirez boire?' and reply with 'Je voudrais...'


Food And Drink

mardi dix-neuf mai

Bonjour tout le monde!


This week you will be learning how to ask the sort of questions you would ask in the classroom and in school. These include the basic, but polite way to ask anything - 'Excusez-moi, est-ce que je peux... s'il vous plaît?'


Once you have looked at the PowerPoint, I would like you to complete the Activity sheet, translating sentences from French to English and English to French.


Bon Chance!


Madame Afford

mardi douze mai


Bonjour tout le monde,

This week, we are still looking at school life in French.


The focus is shapes - Les Formes; learning the names for them and doing some maths counting the sides of shapes- les côtés des formes.