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Why not have a go at the annual Summer Reading Challenge? See below for more details...



Start the day with Speed sounds!! (I have changed the font to non-cursive as it may not have been compatible with your PCs)

Then have a go at playing "Jumpy Choppy Phonics"

Don't worry! The children will show you how! They are experts. 

Start with words like cat, dog, rat..... and move along to coat, boil, chair, moon......then really challenge them with milk, truck, train, shake, milkshake, windmill. 

Don't be afraid to experiment! wink

Week Beginning 13th July 


We are about to embark on our last week in school.surprise

I hope you've been enjoying our Pirate topic. This week, we will be reading a fantastic book called "Pizza for Pirates" 

So this week we will be having a lot of fun again with our pirate topic as well as making some yummy pirate food. Why not design your own pirate pizza!

Have a go at the challenges below.  Remember to write your message in a bottle! 

Lots of love, Mrs. Maguire xxx


Week Beginning 6th July 



This week we are meeting some pilfering pirates in our book "Pirates love Underpants". We will perfect the art of drawing treasure maps and use great adjectives to describe some pirate characters. 


Have a go at the challenges below and why not design your own pair of pirate underpants! There's even some lined Pirate Story Writing paper for you to write your own story. 



Week beginning 29th June 



This week we are diving deep into the ocean! 

We are reading the wonderful rhyming book "Commotion in the Ocean" by Giles Andrea 

Have a listen to the story using the link below. 

Remember to wave your "jazz hands" when you hear rhyming words! Then have a go at the challenges that I have set for you below. 

Have fun! 


Week Beginning 22nd June 



This week we will read our final traditional tale - "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" 

Have a look at the story on the PowerPoint and complete the challenges set below. 

Why not have a go at making your own porridge. We hope to make some in school and have a little taste too! I hope Goldilocks doesn't come to steal ours! 









Week Beginning 15th June 



I hope you enjoyed baking some lovely bread or cakes last week. This week we are going to read 3 books. We will base most of our writing tasks on The Magic Porridge Pot but we will do a little bit of writing based on the others too, Have a listen and watch "The Magic Porridge Pot" below. 


The Smeds and the Smoos is a wonderful book by Julia Donaldson, exploring the joy in being different and celebrating our differences. In the current climate, it is important that we teach children that we are all unique, special and equal. 


Finally, with Father's Day next Sunday, we will be celebrating Dads, Grandads, Uncles and male carers throughout our school family. 


Watch each link to hear the story and complete the challenges accompanying each one. 







Week Beginning 8th June 



I hope you enjoyed reading the story of The Little Red Hen. This week we are sticking to the same theme but reading a lovely story called "Zed's Bread"

Have a look and listen to 2 little girls reading the story of "Zed's Bread" using the link below. 

You main challenge this week is to write a list of instructions for making bread or pizza or cakes of our choice. There are also some other writing challenges for you and captions for you to write too. We're working in writing super sentences this week. Have fun and remember to email me any photos of the wonderful baking you do! smiley


Here's one of our classmates with her own hens .....they've even produced an egg for her. How exciting!

Week Beginning 1st June 

This week we will continue our Traditional Tales with my actual favourite story of all time 

The Little Red Hen 

Have a go at the challenges this week.


Week Beginning 11th May 


This week we are saying goodbye to the wolf and hello to some lovely goats and a troll!

You guessed it we're going to read the story - "The Three Billy Goats Gruff".

We're going to spend 2 weeks on this story which will take us up to half term. The challenges uploaded are for 2 weeks. Try to do a little bit of writing every day - even if it is only 1 sentence.  




Our Bridge Trip 


Normally when we do this topic we would go on a very exciting tour of our local area to spot any bridges and note the materials that they are made from and how they are constructed.  


During our home learning you are encouraged to take some form of daily exercise. Whilst you are doing this - why not visit your local bridge. Take a photo of you exploring the bridge and complete the following hunt! I will also put this on our Maths page - have fun! Remember to send me the photo!! 


Stay safe, 

Lots of Love from Mrs. Maguire xxx

Number, Shape and Bridge Hunt



Week Beginning 4th May 

Well done boys and girls (and Mums and Dads); you have been working so hard on all you tasks. I hope you've been enjoying all the traditional tales as much as I have. This week I have another one of my favourite traditional tales to explore. 

Can you guess what it is? wink



Well done! 

You've guessed it - it's The Three Little Pigs 

Share the Powerpoint below - discuss the story and what each pig uses to build his house, (See science experiment on the "Other Subjects" page) 

  • Use the pictures to sequence the story 
  • Mix up the sentence building words and ask your child to arrange the words in the correct order. You can model one for them first and also model a "wrong" way so as they can clearly see the difference. 
  • Use the story builder to write your own story of the 3 Little Pigs 
  • Use the lolly stick role play puppets to retell the story. Why not record a video and send it to me! 
  • Write up a "Wanted" poster about the Big Bad Wolf. You will need to describe him very carefully! 




  • Read the Phase 3 or 4 captions. Remember to read the "biggest" sound that you can see. Eg        not "a" and "r" but "ar" 
  • Use the tricky words booklet to practise your Phase 4 tricky words. 

Week beginning 27th April 

This week we are going to read "Little Red Riding Hood". 

Share the Powerpoint Story below with your child. Discuss the characters in the story, the setting and how the wolf tries to fool Little Red Riding Hood. 


Why not play a game of "hotseating" - Have a special "seat" or cushion for your child to sit on whereby they take on the character of:    a) Little Red Riding Hood, b) the Wolf or c) Grandma. 

Ask them questions while they are in character... eg How did you feel Grandma, when you saw the wolf? Where were you going Little Red Riding Hood? Why did you decide to dress up as Grandma Mr. Wolf? 


Have fun with it... the kids may well take it off on another tangent!

That's the exciting part! Go with it!


Follow the Rainbow to Monster Phonics Story and suggested activities. 

Below is the Powerpoint Link to Little Red Riding Hood and additional activities relating to the story. 



Have a go at the Purple Mash Mashcams - be anyone you want!

Week Beginning  20th April 2020

We are learning about traditional tales this half term so please follow the rainbow above to take you to Monster Phonics. This week's story is Jack and the Beanstalk. Have fun and enjoy shouting along with the giant! Here is a link to the original story below.

Week beginning Monday 30th March 

Hi everyone! 

I hope you had a restful weekend and are ready for more exploring this week! 

Our learning this week will still be based on minibeasts - while the caterpillars are in their cocoons we will read a book called "Snail Trail" by Ruth Brown. 

I have attached pictures of the book below so that your children can "have a go" at reading the story themselves. Adults can re-read it often. 

Enjoy it! 

Snail Trail by Ruth Brown Read the story - then explore the questions

Revise "ai" sound PowerPoint and "ai" challenges including Writing a Postcard to another minibeast from Slimy Snail. Tell your friends what you see!








Read some of these minibeast sentences to apply your phonics. Can you write some of your own sentences too. Look at the minibeast writinf grames below eg The ladybird sat on the leaf. Parents - do not worry if "leaf"b is spelled like "leef". As far as phonics goes this is correct - it is plausible and the childre are applying their knowledge perfectly. xxx

Finally! Have a go at writing your own minibeast story. Eg The Very Tired Tarantula or The Super Slimey Slug --- again - Have fun! I will set this task on Purple Mash too if you'd like to do it on the computer x

Story Sessions 

Listen to the story  below. Can you retell the story to your Mums & Dads? 

Parents - Check your children's understanding by asking simple comprehension questions.