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 Wednesday 20th May - Friday 22nd May- Victorian project 


I would like you to spend the next three days of English lessons completing your Victorian project. To start or end your project I would like you to create a Word Art picture like the example above. Below is a step by step guide on how to do this! It's great fun !


Once you have done that please complete your History project- you should have written the introduction already and now need to focus on the chapters about each different area of Victorian life. Remember you are writing as if you are a time traveller- see example below. It's up to you how many chapters you have (between 3 and 5 would be good though!)- they are only short chapters focusing on the good and bad of each area.  This needs to be a really neat piece of work! Edit carefully, check punctuation, check each sentence makes sense! 



2 = Now write your chapters: give each one a title and write making it really clear what you think is good and bad. You can do this by using the following



wonderful    beautiful

great   impressive

amazing   better   improved

awful   terrible

hard   difficult

unpleasant  unacceptable


Chapter 1 Homes and towns

Staggering slowly out of my time machine, I find myself in a Victorian town. I am impressed by the beautiful buildings around me. The banks look like temples. There are wide streets and parks. These seem better than the Tudor times we studied earlier in the year. Pleased to see this, I walk further into the town. All of a sudden, I notice a strange and unpleasant smell. It is the odour of toilets! Behind the amazing buildings are very different streets. These are crowded and have dirt on them and the buildings look run down. Stepping carefully (I don’t know what I am walking in!) into one of the houses I see that they are packed with many people. The walls are damp and the windows (if there are any) are broken. The people here look poor and sickly.






 Tuesday 19th May 


 I would like you to look back at our text on the Rhi- swano-zeb-tah  - I have attached a copy below.  Extend the sentences about the animal by inventing some new facts about it:  




 Reading- Read the final two chapters of ' Animal Boy' or ' Around the world in Eighty minutes'- complete the tasks on Purple Mash  


 Monday 18th May- Researching Scientists   


As part of our Science this week I would like you to find out about a famous Scientist and create an information page about them. I have attached below some notes about different Scientists. Purple Mash has a page about it too if you type 'Scientists' in the 'Search' box. 


Using Purple Mash please create a web page of information about your chosen Scientist. Try and include facts about them, a picture of them, why they are important, how did their work change our lives today?  


If you would rather not use Purple Mash to present your ideas I have included a web map sheet below you can fill in instead. 


Click the link to watch the video to get some ideas:



Spellings- practise this weeks spellings - use the online dictionary to help you. 


Picture 1



 Friday 15th May- 


 Spellings- ask an adult to test you on your spellings this week- can they put the spelling into a sentence for you to explain its meaning. You can either write the spelling down or may prefer spelling the words out loud. 


Text workTask 1- Brackets


pages 15-17 of the booklet - Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah 


Today we are focusing on using brackets and adverb starters to engage the reader.

Click the link to watch the BBC Bitesize clip:


Click the sheets to complete the activity. 

Blue group- page 1 only


Text work- Task 2- Adverb starters (p 16-17 of the booklet) 


 Click the powerpoint to revise Adverbs then complete the sheet linked to our text.





 Wednesday 13th May-


Reading-check Purple Mash-  Chapter 6 of 'Animal Boy' or 'Around the world in Eighty minutes' on Purple Mash. 


Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah! 


 We are starting a new unit of work today using 'Talk for writing' ideas...


You can download and print the booklet if you would like to or I will be uploading different sections each day for us to do.


This is a link to the story, 'Where the wild things are':


Today we are reading the text, jotting down thoughts about the animal and finding meanings of words we don't understand (pages 1-9 on the booklet) 







 Thursday 14th May- Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah 


 Today we are going to do a comprehension based on the text from yesterday. Relook at the text and then answer the questions. 

Yellow and Red- all the questions

Orange- Questions 1-8 8

Blue- Questions 1-6


Spelling practice-  choose one of the active spelling ideas and practice this weeks spellings. 

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5