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 Friday 12th June- Spreadsheets lesson 1 


 In previous weeks we have been doing lots of work on the computer- posters, leaflets etc...for the next few weeks we are going to focus on Spreadsheets. These are a useful way to present information and can calculate sums for us. I have uploaded the lesson plans below so you can see what we will be doing.  We use 2calculate on Purple Mash for these lessons. 


 Lesson 1 = pages 5-6 I have cut and pasted the relevant sections below...have a go and see how you get on! It will be tricky but follow the instructions carefully! 








 Friday 24th April- 


 Look at the link below to some sort E-safety activities you can do with your families. 




 Friday 26th Mar- Coding


  We have been revising 'Coding' from Year 4- use the 2Coding program on Purple Mash to continue revising from Year 4 .