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Art lesson- Thursday 19 th Nov

Friday 10th July 

Let's make the most of our time at home to do some baking! Take a look at the recipes for some inspiration and see what takes your fancy! Once finished post a picture of your delicious creations on our blog! 

Thursday 2nd July

Similar to your Nelson Mandela piece of work, today I need you to put your creative hats on. We have explored Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr this week. What have we learnt? 

Today, I would like you to create your own piece of work that presents the theme: RESPECT. 

What does this mean to you, our school, our community, the world we live in?? 

I would like you to research and include quotes from other famous and inspirational people around the world as well as bible verses on respect. 

Again, how you present your work is entirely up to you- but it needs to be eye-catching and something we can add to our display. 

Think about using the computer or paper... what pictures/photographs/text font/colours could you incorporate to make it a display piece of work? 


Wednesday 24th June

Today, you need to think back over your years at St Philip's. Jot down all the brilliant memories you have. Today you are going to get creative and draw them!! 

Open up the artwork in the document below. 

This is what you yourselves are going to create using your own memories! 

You can change the photograph to one of yourself or draw yourself but it needs to be a clear photo/picture for you to then have all your thoughts/memories coming out of. 

Be as creative as you can! Use as much colour as you want and have fun!

Wednesday 24th June

Sculptures By Brendan Jamison

Thursday 18th June

Happy Thursday everyone! laugh

I do hope you enjoyed making your sweet sculptures last week. Thank you to Aston for the fabulous sculpture he made and for sending a photograph of it to me yes


During this unit of sculptors, I am trying to find more unusual and interesting artists for you. Hopefully you will find them fun. Those I have chosen are contemporary artists and this week's sculptor is Brendan Jamison. He is an Irish artist like Eva Rothschild but creates totally different kinds of sculpture.


One of the materials he uses is very unusual - Sugar lumps no less!! surprise

Watch the PowerPoint to find out just how many sugar lumps he uses in one sculpture! wink


The activity is to have a go at building your own version of a Jamison sculpture. You can use food too, ot choose a different medium. It is up to you so be creative.


Love from Mrs Afford heart

Brendan Jamison - Sculptor

Thursday 11th June

Wonderful news about Mrs Warham expecting a baby isn't it?

Well done those of you who guessed correctly!


Many of you have been creating your own sculptures from a range of materials. You can literarily use anything. traditionally sculptors used stone, marble, bronze and wood but contemporary sculptors use fiber glass, material and natural resources such as leaves and shells.


This week we are going to look at the work of the contemporary sculptor Eva Rothschild; focusing on the geometric shapes she creates as well as making your own. The fun part will be that you are going to make your sculptures from sweets! heart cheeky


Watch the PowerPpoint I have made about Eva Rothschild and her work. Use the shapes she includes in her sculptures to help you to design and construct your own sculpture. 



Try not to eat all the sweets before you have finished your sculpture wink

Eva Rothschild Sculptor

Thursday 4th June

Welcome back everyone. I do hope you have had a wonderful half-term.

Thank you to Aaron for his photographs of his art work. I was so looking forward to seeing lots of paper flowers and sculptures. If you have time and haven not yet had a go, do look on the YouTube link.


This week, I would like you to design and create your own sculpture. You can use any media you want to and create a sculpture of your own choice. You have already looked at the work of different sculptors this year (as well as in Y5) so look back at the PowerPoints if you need any ideas. 


You can create Origami models Like Emme did, use pipe cleaners, modelling clay, paper, pasta fabric or anything at all. It is totally up to you. think about what sort of sculpture you want to make and what materials would be best to use.


Here are some pictures to give you some ideas.

Examples Of Scultures Using Different Media

Thursday 21st May

Hi Y6,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine.

I know you won't want to be stuck inside, but you can still enjoy art & craft outside laugh


Thank you to Abi for her photographs yes sadly the only ones I have received sad but I live in hope.


You looked at the work of sculptors and this week we are starting to create our own. I have made a PowerPoint showing you the different stages of making paper flowers and plants and included a couple of links to videos that I have used before. If you pause the video as you go along, the instructions are easy to follow.


Send me your photos of your beautiful flowers for such beautiful weather!



Mrs Afford

Plant Sculptor - Making Paper Flowers

Hello Y6!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend celebrating VE Day and completing your very own Lockdown Project.


I asked you to design some posters for VE Day and to send them to me but sadly I have not yet received any. Please do send your art work to me.


I have a beautiful piece of Escher-inspired Artwork from Emme which is on the Art & Design page and I can see that Henry has completed one too! Please do email it directly to me as well Henry  (I can not copy it from the class page.)


This week I found a ready-made PowerPoint about Escher and Tessellation which I thought would be good fun. I posted my PowerPoint about Escher last half-term, but I thought maybe some more of you would look at the original PowerPoint as well as this one and send me your designs. You can use colour or keep it monochrome.


Henry & Emme, I do look forward to seeing your tessellations.


Love from

Mrs Afford

Examples of VE Day Posters To Inspire You

This weekend we are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.


It is a very important time for everyone in Europe and despite the lockdown people all over will still be celebrating and showing their support.  


You will have your competition to do, and there are lots of ideas for activities for you to join in at home on our website, as well as on the internet.


I have included a few simple art-based activities such as;

design a medal

make your own red, white and blue bunting

create a design for a commemoration teacup or mug

create a poster advertising this 75th anniversary

colouring pictures of VE Day in 1975 


Do send me photos of any of your celebrations this weekend


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Afford


Thursday 30th April - Sculptors


Hello again Y6.


Have another look at last week's PowerPoint and then read the information sheet on David Oliveira. Then look at the examples of some of his anatomical sculptures.


I would like you to design your own flyer to advertise an exhibition of his work. You will need to include some facts and examples of is sculptures. I was hoping you would draw a couple of them.


Please do Google his work to find out more.


I really would love to receive emails showing me the work you have done (or even started)


Keep safe,

Mrs Afford

Hello Y6, welcome back to your online schooling smiley


This half-term, we are going to be looking at sculpture. This week you'll be comparing the work of two sculptors; Alexander Calder and David Oliveira. As we move on through the weeks, you will be designing and hopefully, creating your own scultptures.


I saw a wonderful Op Art composition by Henry on the Y6 page. Please do email me your work so I can post in on the Art and Design page.

I am really looking foward seeing any art or craft you have been doing.

Happy Thursday Y6,

I've been looking at your photos of your Mayan masks. They look brilliant and good fun!

Do email photos of your art and craft work for me to put on the art page.

I have uploaded the Escher PowerPoint again as I would like you to either complete or start your own Escher inspired compositions. 

If anyone has done any others inspired by the artists we have recently studied; Matisse, Riley or Milhazes please do email me pictures of them.

Looking forward to seeing them

Love from Mrs Afford