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Friday 22nd May

Hello Year 3!

Have any of you created any compositions inspired by those contempory Greek artists?


I would love to see them and post them on the Art & Design web page. Do email them to me at,


This week I have made you a PowerPoint about French artist Jean Cocteau. I have actually seen some of his art work in Menton along the Côte d'azur and they are a lot larger than they appear in pictures.


He has a distinct style, I thought you may like ... as well as loving cats!! laugh


However, the main reason I chose him was because a lot of his work in the 1950s and 1960s were influenced by his love of Greek Mythology.


heart Send in pictures of your work please heart

Love from,

Mrs Afford

Jean Cocteau French Artist And Cat Lover

Have a Happy Friday

Have a Happy Friday 1
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Have a Happy Friday 3
Friday 24th April

Welcome back Year three!


I hope you had a fabulous Easter and didn't eat too many chocolate eggs smiley angel


This half-term you will be studying the Ancient Greeks in history. We will be looking at the art work from that time but I thought it would be good to look at some of the contemporary Greek artists and their work too.

There are two activites on the PowerPoint. Activity 1 is for this week and Activity 2 is for next week. The art work may take longer so you may want to start that first. 


I hope you enjoy finding out about these artists.

Mrs Afford


Friday 24th April

Hi everyone!

You have been learning watercolour techniques painting flowers this half-term and creating Stone Age cave painting using oil pastels. Mrs Parsons and I thought it would be lovely if you either painted some flowers (from real life in the garden or a vase, or from a photograph) using the skills you have been learning. You could paint them or draw them, focusing on light and dark, shade and tone in your work to make it look 3D. Remember to shade in the same direction and to curve your strokes. This will assist the 3D image.

Please do email us photos of your work and we can share it with the rest of the class. I received a lovely photo of Noah and his art work. smiley yes Great work Noah!

I am including the pictures of cave apintings so you could do one of those if you prefer.

Enjoy being creative!

Cave paintings video links and pictures

Watercolour Spring Flowers