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 Tuesday 7th July- Drawing a shoe


This week I would like you to practise your drawing skills. Follow the powerpoint to draw a shoe accurately! 


Watch these clips for some tips:

Week 4 - Joan Mirò

This week, we are going to focus on the work of one of the artists I told you about last week - Joan Mirò.


Watch the PowerPoint to find out about him and see examples of his work. He produced abstract compositions that have been described as simplistic and child-like.


You are going to create your own Mirò style composition. I thought you may like to create your own version of his famous garden painting. This is included on the activity sheet.


Mirò often used animals and plants in his compositions as he loved nature.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with this style of abstract art.

Mrs Afford heart

Week 3 - Madrid

Hello Year 5!

Mrs Cooper has told me all about your geography topic- Madrid.

I have been lucky enough to have been to Madrid (you will have seen some of my photographs from my trip on your Geography page) and I loved it there.

It is one of my favourite cities in Europe and I would love to go back there.


I will be linking the next few weeks art activities with your topic of Madrid, looking at famous Spanish artists.

Did you know it is where you will find 'The Prado' one of the largest art galleries in the world! I was there for a whole day and still saw less than half of it.


This week I wouold like you to do some research. The five most famous of Spanish artists are; Joan Miró, Diego Velázquez, Francisco Goya, Salvador Dali  and of course, Pablo Picasso. Over the next few weeks we are going to focus on Miró, Dali and Picasso.


Research their art. They all have distictive styles and a strong element of surrealism is evident.

Look at different compositions anddecide whether you like them or not, what it is you like/do not like about them and how they make you feel.

I have made a PowerPoint of the architecture and art of Madrid which will hopefully inspire your search and I will be including a quiz in a couple of weeks to see if you can identify the artists' work. 

I hope you enjoy fnding out about these three amazing artists.

Mrs Afford heart



The Art And Architecture Of Madrid

Week 2 - Islamic Art

This week we are looking at calligraphy and how to create this form of writing. It is widely used in Islamic art and documents.

The development of Islamic calligraphy is strongly tied to the Qur'an.

Calligraphy has become one of the major forms of artistic expression in Islamic culture.



Islamic Geometric Patterns

Week 1- Isamic Art

Welcome back Y5!

I do hope you had a lovely week off, enjoying all that glorious sunshine.


One of your topicsthis half-term is Islam. this week we are looking at the geometric designs found in the majority of Islamic tiles and mosaics. These are made up from repeated patterns and I would like you to design your own repeated pattern.  


In the PowerPoint, it shows you how to create an overlapping pattern using a compass. Do not worry if you do not have one as you can still use circles made by drawing around objects. The patterns stem from the lines joining points in the pattern that are coloured in forming a motif.


Any repeated pattern using geometric shapes will create the same effect. 


I look forward to seeing your designs.


Tuesday 19th May

Hello Year 5 and Happy Tuesday to you all.


We are still looking at the work of LS Lowry and this week I would like you to be Art & History detectives!


In the PowerPoint I have made, I have included to web links for you to watch first Lowry talking about his work, and then one that shows you his paintings in detail;like being in an actual Art Gallery (A virtual Art Gallery visit).


There are a few questions for you to find the answers to and some observations concerning the people in the paintings.


I would then like you to create your own figures in the style of Lowry.

Looking forward to seeing them.


Love from Mrs Afford



Tuesday 12th May

Hello Year 5,

I do hope you enjoued your VE Day celebrations and enjoyed your bank holiday weekend.

Please do send me any photographs of any art work you completed. I do keep asking but I really want to put them on the Art & Design page.


This week we are continuing to look at Lowry and his work.


Last week the focus was perspective and drawing. This week I would like you to look at the colours he used. We looked at rural verses industrial colour palettes a couple of weeks ago and I want you to look back at the PowerPoints and the pictures of his work I have already posted. then select a picture you like and paint or draw your own Lowry inspired composition. You can use any colour media you have access to. 


Think about mixing and blending the colours you will need. 

Look at the Colour Knowledge Organiser to help you.


This will take you more than one lesson, so I will not add new work next week smiley

Colour Knowledge Organiser

Tuesday 5th May


Happy Tuesday everyone.


Today we are looking at the work of LS Lowry with the focus of perspective. I have included the Still Life and Form Knowledge Organiser as there are drawing tips and skills included that you will find useful.


I look forward ro seeing your pictures. A lot of you have been emailing your work to Mrs Cooper which is fantastic to see. Please do send me your work too and I will post it on the Art and French pages.


Love from Mrs Afford x

Landscapes by LS Lowry - look carefully at his colour palettes.

Welcome back Year Five!


I hope you had a lovely Easter.


Thank you to Daniel for photographs of his lovely Pointillism work. I would love to see some others.


Before Easter, you were studying the style of Pointillism created by Georges Seurat. This half-term, we will be looking at the work of LS Lowry. He had his very own unique style of painting. He was a northern man from Greater Manchester who was born during the Victorian era (link to your history topic).


I have included a PowerPoint with a link to a BBC broadcast of the 1978 music hit inspired by his work and two activities for you. There are aslo links to an interview with Lowry from the 1950s when he talks about his painting.


As we move through the next few weeks, you will be creating your own Lowry-style compositions.


I look forward to hearing what you think bout his work.

Mrs Afford smiley