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More Able and Talented Pupils

Mrs Klaassen is our Lead Teacher.  
There are a wide number of additional and supplementary opportunities available to our most able and most talented children.

At St Philips we have fostered close links with our local high schools, sports clubs, theatres and FE Colleges. This enables us to utilise both their staff and their resources for those children who require extra challenge.  We also use our parent population, who share their skills and talents in areas such as textiles, music and the Arts.

Our most able children are encouraged to take part in activities which further stimulate, engage and motivate them in whatever area they are showing ability.  Our most talented children are supported to share their talents, take further examinations or accreditations and most importantly to share their gifts and talents with not just the school population but the wider community. 
Further information is available on request about the progress made by our most able children.

More Able and Talented Policy 2017